Richard Herrscher, M.D., FACAAI

In 1956 my parents met at SMU in Dallas, Texas and I was born three years later. My great uncle was a Christian missionary in Honduras and my parents thought it was the perfect honeymoon destination, despite the fact Honduras was engulfed in a military coup. We all made it out O.K., though no one knew I was aboard the return flight. I'll get back to Honduras later. My father went on to play professional basketball in the old ABA and professional baseball with the New York Mets, until he settled down as an orthodontist in Dallas where I grew up.

Rick_Christy.jpgI met Christy Bartlett from San Angelo, Texas in 1990 and we married the next year. We had our first daughter, Alexis Anne, in 1992. I was training for an academic position in Allergy and Immunology at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center and moonlighting as an emergency room physician. During this time our second daughter, Grayson Marie, and a son, Matthew, were born. After several years of E.R. moonlighting and trying to clone mouse genes, I realized my calling was the care of patients with the problems I was trying to study. I joined AIRCare in 1998 and have watched the practice grow to four doctors and three offices.

I had always been opposed to having pets in my home because I'm an allergist, but one morning my wife got up and announced: "We are going to pick out a standard poodle, are you coming"? Later that day we returned home with a black poodle named Bailey. We recently got our second standard poodle, Leahla, through poodle rescue and after a brief period of trepidation from Bailey, the two dogs have become inseparable. Grayson, our middle daughter, loves cats. On vacations she is a magnet for wild cats and feeds them from her hand despite my admonitions. However, cats are where I draw the line. Perhaps more important, both my wife and oldest daughter are highly allergic to cats. Somehow, my family failed to acknowledge that I am allergic to dogs. Anyway, that is how we ended up with Roxanne, an Australian Bearded Dragon, it was a compromise to no cats.

Relaxation and fun times

I enjoy gardening, landscape architecture and grilling on my smoker. I started cooking on an Oklahoma Joe smoker in 1991. The store called me the day after Christmas and said when can we deliver your smoker, I turned to my wife and said, "honey you didn't buy me a smoker for Christmas, did you?" Well it turned out she had put our name in a store drawing and won. I have never won anything from a drawing in my life, but I still cook on that smoker to this day.

Rick_Filming.jpgI don't have a favorite sport but I enjoy many of them. It is funny, my father is a sports fanatic. He knows everything about all the teams, especially baseball and watches sports almost every night. Do you realize how much time is required to watch an entire baseball game? Now, I love watching the games with my father, because he fills me in on nuance, player interests and how it all applies to my own life. I don't get any of that when I watch alone. My son also loves sports and would rather spend all day at a sports camp than do anything else. He loves the competition and my father is wired the same way, I guess the sports gene just jumped right over me.

My absolute favorite hobby is making movies. I've only made four, because It takes me forever, about 6-18 months. One of the first movies I made was for my wife's 40th birthday. I squeezed 15 years of her life, 3 live childbirths and 5 house moves into a 30 minute movie. It made everyone cry who saw it and that ability to tell a story with complex emotion is why I love it so much.