Richard Herrscher, M.D., FACAAI

I have always felt a strong pull to the mission field, but had never heeded the call. My wife took the initiative and went on a short term mission trip to Honduras. She came back saying they really needed me and after being left alone with my three children for a whole week, I immediately said "yes, when do I leave". God has an amazing way of getting us to do what is best even when we cling to the worst. So I went, and continue to go yearly because the experience of serving and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in a foreign culture is a blessing beyond description.

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The best way I can describe this is a reflection I wrote after a recent mission trip: (link this to separate page titled Honduras Mission Reflection) "Less than a week later I was back in Honduras, this time in the highlands surrounding the city of Siguatepeque. God spoke again, but this time it was through my last patient on the seventh day. Mother Joy Daley asked us to look for the face of Christ in our daily activity of mission work. It was in the mountains of central Honduras that I saw the face of Christ. He was a father about 40 years old and the sole provider for his family. His work was plowing fields with oxen and he had chronic pain and numbness from the pressure of the plough on his arms. He worried that these symptoms would eventually keep him from providing for his family. He desperately looked to me for deliverance and a solution. But what could I offer him? He needed new arms, he needed work that was not so strenuous and he needed deliverance from the hardship of his life. What western medicine had to offer was Tylenol - a mere band aid trying to cover a gaping wound bleeding out right in front of me. I realized that as a doctor of medicine I had nothing of substance to offer this man. So we prayed, and I asked God for healing and renewed strength in his arms. Honduras_Medical_004.jpg He prayed, for what I do not know, for his prayer was in Spanish. As I finished my prayer, he kept on praying for a long time. I bowed my head again and prayed with him, my prayer in English, his in Spanish, but both to our God who understood. I am sure we prayed the same prayer - for an end to suffering, for an end to hunger, an end to poverty and an end to division between people of all nations. As we finished our prayer, I looked up and our eyes met. I saw in his face, the face of Jesus with tears streaming down - tears of love and sadness for the tragedy of this broken world, tears longing for healing and renewing, tears of hope and tears of restoration for all people through him who gave his life that we might live. At that moment God's mission became present, His mission of redemption and His mission for us to love one another as he has loved us.

God's mission is not about us trying to heal with medicine. God's mission is to make us realize that His Kingdom can come among us through servant-hood, through care and compassion and through our faith that He is alive in us and in this world.